What are Venezuelans dying of?

Here you can see the data from 2009 about deaths in Venezuela. Click on the image to have a better picture.

One thing that I find very peculiar is the very large number of deaths reported as "other violent". In reality we know most of these cases are simply murders redefined. It's a pity our opposition politicians apparently haven't got the discipline to keep investigating about how the current government tries to camouflage the real data on murder. This is something they urgently need to clarify.

Still, by checking records from hospitals and mortuaries we know there were not "just" 9595 murders in Venezuela in 2009 but at least 14 thousand. Some say about 22% of all deaths in Venezuela of 2009 were product of violence, even though that doesn't seem to correspond to these numbers above...but then Venezuelan media are not known for their consistency.

Things haven't got any better in 2012. Let's hope things do in 2013.