Why am I against?

Why am I against Chavez? Kind of a long story but I’m going to try to make it short

I can take it back to 1992. Chavez leaded one military coup that year, I was 8 years old back then and we lived near by the air force airport in Caracas (its called "La Carlota"), somehow a few soldiers managed to get inside my front yard and hide there... so I had like a war in my own house and those were incredible hard days, shoots and planes all the time, couldn’t sleep for quite a while after all that was over.

We saw Chavez on TV for the first time, and my mom told me something that I'm not ever going to forget; "Once a man attempt against the democracy, he will do it over and a over again". She was right. I don’t think we live in democracy anymore, we have restrictions everywhere. Obviously, this is not Cuba or North Korea yet but Chavez do the changes slowly so people can't realize of them.

Everyday is more hard for me to see how my country collapsed, and how I lose my freedom.

Of course, I have to talk about so many things, like the mistakes others made before Chavez... I'm just telling here my reasons, maybe not entirely rational, but my reasons anyways.

How this does affect my life... where to start? Before I turn 18, I was already went to several manifestations, run from the military, smell the tear gas (we are not sure that was always the tear gas), seen people die not only because of political violence but also for poverty, hungry and common delinquency. We don't have the same life we had before Chavez. We are living with some family because we cannot afford something else. And I’m supposed to be part of the middle high class... imagine the rest of it...

And there’s a hate between people stronger than ever, or at least, I don’t remember feeling such hate between Venezuelans when I was younger. We don't have a common identity anymore. I'm not only blaming Chavez for all this... the conditions were there, and he lighted the fire making it bigger.