Final thoughts on April 11 and the days after

The government and the people in general should understand once and for all that the opposition doesn't have and it has never had leaders in the conventional way. The lack of leaders has being historically during this fight against Chavez regime one of our more visible weakness. We went to many demonstrations and risk our lives, including that crazy one on April 11, 2002 ONLY because we opposed Chavez.Not because some opposition party leader said on TV "lets take the streets". We didn't care who said it, we went out and took the streets anyways. Those bad called opposition leaders were more like trapped in a crowd asking for the end of this red madness instead of really guiding that crowd.
Doesn't matter if you like it or not, the government says that the crowds of April 11, 2002 were the puppets of some leaders who work for the imperialism. But the trouble is that it happened just backwards: the "leaders" were the puppets of the crowd that fatidic day.
Even, this whole argument only gives the right to opposition versions of the events on April 11, 2002. The goverment has the duty of guarantee the life and integrity of each and every one of their citizens, even if they are manipulated to go to situations that imply danger to them. And in what world, a democratic government dares to say that there's a risk of losing the life, if one decides to walk to the goverment palace to ask for the president resignation like we did?.
Let’s, in a supposition, follow the government version and say yes, we are sheep’s and we walked to the government palace because our leaders unconsciously made us go there. Only means that the government it’s admitting their own crime. By saying that, the government only says to me, that you are a citizen with the right to protest on the streets and live to tell it; if you are agree with them.
For me this is so obvious, so clear, that I don't understand how can someone accept and believe the government version. But many accept it, many believe it. People who supports the government, people who supports the opposition, people who don't like any side; Venezuelans and foreigners, common people and academics. This is my world, this is a world filled with contradictions.
In Venezuela and when it comes to writing about Venezuela anything is possible. This is a place where people believes on elephants flying and call "imperialist" to the people who says that fishes live in the ocean.