The government side and my side, on April 11 events

The government version in very short words (and probably twisted, because I'm against the government) about the events of April 11, 2002 and the days after, comes as it follows (if there’s any mistakes about the following version, any government supporter its free and more than welcome to comment below about it).
1) The government version
It was a coup, the poor Chavez president was taken out of his power and the evils of the empire, supported by United States and with Carmona leading it all, destroyed the democracy with no mercy. On April 13, the people of Venezuela realize of this obvious abuse and came out in mass to the streets to ask for their president Chavez, constitutionally elected, to come back to power. The imperialist didn't had other choice but surrender and letting him come back to power. About the killings of April 11 it is quite clear that more government supporters died that day that on the opposition side and was one police of Caracas called Metropolitana (for that time under jurisdiction of an opposition mayor) the responsible for the killings. The famous video that shows people with Chavez t-shirts shooting from a bridge is not people shooting against the demonstration from the opposition; its government supporters defending themselves of the Metropolitana police that was attacking them. Besides that, the only guilty of the few people who were killed from the opposition side are the opposition leaders who took that people with no conscience to the valley of death.
This is also the version that the international community follows like the Bible. Even on the press against the government you can read sentences like "the coup given against Chavez on 2002". But I'm not stupid enough to believe this whole version...
2) My version.
Yes, United States was perhaps the only country who supported Carmona's quick government. And to support a non democratic government on doubtful circumstances can't never be a smart choice.
Yes, the opposition members who wrote, read and signed the "Decreto Carmona" were clearly against the constitution. Yes, on April 13, many Chavez supporters (notice carefully that I put "Chavez supporters" instead of the "people of Venezuela" as I put on the previous, government version paragraph; this is because I'm not a Chavez supporter and that shouldn't make me any less part of the "people of Venezuela), and most of them from poor areas filled the streets asking for Chavez to came back to power.
About April 11, 2002 I have to say No. It disrespects the memory of the victims. I wrote this on the old entry about that day and I have to repeat it all over again: my brother saw the Chavez supporters on the bridge, and people on the roof, shooting against the demonstration of the opposition, that he was part of like I was. This time, I rather believe to my own brother, instead of a government that it has make me doubt way too much and not just on this matter. Forgive me for this personal and perhaps twisted decision.
The argument, that puts as the only guilty in charge the leaders of the opposition demonstration of the death because they let and suggest that demonstration to walk with no conscience to death, I also say No out loud. We didn't just follow the leaders of the opposition demonstration to the government palace like Le Bon blind sheeps. I was there. The screams for "Miraflores!" came from the crowd, and then we heard the plan to walk there from the leaders. Was a quick choice, was a major risk, who knows if this was the smartest choice but it was the choice of the crowd as It was later the choice of the leaders.