When will we have a first world election?

Well, it certainly will not happen under Chavez who certainly gets mileage from pretending that elections are risky, controversial and that he is there to make sure the poor get to vote.

Sadly even Globovision and the MUD play in his hand.

I watched briefly the news tonight and there were news only about how many centers are open, how many security agents are posted, how many state prosecutors and ombudsmen would be deployed, how many times the CNE has issued reassuring terms, and even Chavez saying that the Venezuelan elections are the best int he world, the safest, the lest fraud prone of the lot.  This time around we even get the restricted schedules of stores, malls and movie theaters!!!!  And of course no booze for three days.....

I mean, add a few crime pictures of Caracas streets this week end and a casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that he is looking at Iraqi elections 4 years ago!

What about countries like the US or Britain who hold their elections in a normal week day!?!?!?!?!?  Or even those who do the Sunday thing like in France where in large city the voting stations must remain open until 8 PM so people that went to the country for the day can come back and vote late?

It is amazing that in Venezuela we have been voting freely since 1958 and it still feel like we are in 1958, even after 11 yeas of chavismo regular plebiscites!!!!

But of course this suits Chavez fine because he manages to create the feel in his followers that if it were not for him they would be disenfranchised.... So expect continuous war torn third world country electoral feel for as long as Chavez is in office.