English language chavismo in the web on the decline

Out of idleness I decided to visit some of the English language sites in the web that support Chavez.  My last visit was to Venezuelanalysis sometime at the end of 2010.  The other sites?  Who knows, I forgot.....

Oil Wars which was the lone consistent blog has its last posting on July 6, after months of irregular postings, and a refusal to break up with chavismo once and for all.  Unable to support chavismo anymore and unable to go back to democratic causes I suppose that the editor thought it best to drop the whole thing.

Borev was some ersatz humor blog which was way more vindictive than humorous.  I, for one, never found it amusing but it might just have been a question of taste since I do not get Chavez "humor" either.  Whatever, its last post is from March 2010!  Borev was rumored or even proven, I forgot, to be financially supported by the Venezuelan embassy in Washington.  I let the reader guess on such implications.

And there is of course Venezuelanalysis, the Greg Wilpert joint that he even used to publish a book out of his columns.  The site presented itself as a kind of e-magazine but lately it was goign downhill.  I think I read somewhere that Wilpert had moved to the US as he is married to some Venezuelan diplomat.  That would  explain the decline of a site who at least had the decency to link to opposition sites such as this one (though you had to work at finding the link whereas yours truly has its reciprocal square on the right side).  Apparently the site was left in the care of a single person and simplified greatly its presentation (it is a strange coincidence that a regular harasser of opposotion sites disappeared when Venezuelanalysis went to that simple mode, curious, no?)  Now, things seem to revive some to the point of recovering some of past presentation dash and even, hold tight, advertising for a part time journalist position!  Note that the socialist site offers no benefits with the position........ 

Outside of Venezuela the lone energumène of note was Calvin Tucker who used to work for London's Red Ken and even threatened me of judicial pursuit because apparently he wants us to believe that all paid expenses trips are not subsidies.  Or something like that, I forgot, I am still waiting for the subpoena.  He has a 21 century socialism site which is not dead but which seems to concentrate its activities on other countries than Venezuela.  I suppose that his team is looking for a more reliable sponsor than Chavez....

And I have saved for the last the very best.  Eva Golinger does have a blog in addition of editing the English version of the Correo del Orinoco propaganda sheet.  Her blog is unreadable, kind of niña rosa as we would call it in Venezuela.  Thus it has probably be a year that I have not visited it.  Well, I was rewarded.  Not only the woman is still at it, but she even publishes an interview that Reuters made to her.  I suppose that no one else wanted to talk to Reuters who is somewhat discredited in Venezuela.  You do not need to read the whole thing, the very first few lines are enough to take the full measure of the brunette bimbo:

The Salon Eliptico is reserved for the most important and prestigious events, and only two people from the U.S. have ever spoken there. One is me and the other is John F. Kennedy

You cannot make up things like that!  I am still crying with laughter!

PS: The Salon Eliptico refers to the event last November when Eva asked publicly Chavez for laws and actions to shut up people like me.  You know, your standard fascist proposal tot he beloved great leader.  I was wondering a while back why Reuters had stopped citing this blog (they even posted some of my posts!).  But now, if they prefer to publish such type of interviews I understand why and I even think it better to be ignored by them.  ¡Que raya!