The "23 de enero" goes international

Or at least it tried.

Today we commemorate yet another anniversary of January 23 1958 when our one before last dictator was routed.  Of course, since we are officially in a dictatorship since the end of 2010, XXI century style but dictatorship nevertheless, today was a good opportunity to restart the public resistance movement that was stunned last December.  In past years it was always rather difficult to mobilize people to hit the streets on January so I am not expecting too large a turn out, but that is not the point.   After all the opposition turn out will be bigger and more spontaneous than the one of chavismo who has been unable to deal with "23 de enero" as a most anti fascist date!  Thus silly comparisons of "my turn out is bigger than yours" are truly pointless today, even if the opposition where to smash in numbers chavismo.

The point today is that it is the starting block for the opposition campaign to try to unseat Chavez in 2012, not only in Venezuela but also overseas.  On this respect the organization "un mundo sin mordaza" has been trying to stir some demonstrations outside of Venezuela with reasonable success considering that a world in crisis has little time for failed democracies like ours.  Their site promise us a full report eventually but meanwhile you can have a preview in Globovision of small but significant rallies in many cities while I do not detect anything from chavismo outside of Venezuela.

I find it very encouraging.  With a few more months of work and organization we can expect significant rallies of Venezuelan and their foreign supporters in major capitals.  I would suggest to set a goal for July 5 which is the bicentennial of the formal independence.  Overseas we can reclaim that date in the name of freedom for Venezuelans.  After all slogans such as "Viva Venezuela, Fuera Chavez" cannot possibly be considered treason....