Death in Venezuela: a regime that does not value human life

I have been a little bit reluctant in covering the latest hunger strike in Venezuela.  I am so sick to see that the regime is so willing to let people die of starvation that I am almost opposed to people going to such extremes when, well, lets' say it, we are still better off than people in Egypt.  True, the way we are going soon we will be in a Cuban like scenario where hunger strike will be the only tool left, but that day has not come yet and making hunger strike a go for all tool is not conducing to anything good.

Maybe I am wrong and the visit yesterday of the police minister to a group of the striking students might prove that they are having some effect: their bravery should never be questioned even though their foolishness could be called upon.  But then again, from what we hear the regime is willing to negotiate who could be released of the political prisoners and this seems to me much more like an attempt at breaking up the strikers front than any real purpose to amend.

The fact of the matter here is that the regime has long ago placed human life in the bargain department.  How can you explain that Chavez does not lose any sleep over the thousands and thousands of violent murders taking place every year in Venezuela?  When someone has the chutzpah to say that those murders are not his responsability then you know he is not hurting whatsoever.

Amen of those who die in Venezuelan jails shot by the other inmates as if nothing!

The way the regime has managed the natural disaster victims since 1999 is another telling sign: they are simply exploited for political purposes and real help is barred if it does not serve the regime purposes.  For memory, the refusal of help from the US in 1999 or the confiscation of the relief truck of Voluntad Popular last year.

And equally as damaging if not as bloody, is the total ignorance by the regime of the brain and energy drain that Venezuela is suffering.  For all practical purposes these people leaving Venezuela in search of better hopes under other skies should be also accounted with the "death toll" of the people we will never see again.

The reality here is that we are dealing with a regime who is not afraid to eliminate its opponents.  It has not been that obvious so far in an era of Internet and CNN, but all the signs are there, do not be mistaken, elimination is an ever present option for these people.