Death penalty in Venezuela

Not a concentration camp, a Venezuelan jail
No, I will not bother you with all the lies and outrageous lies told today by the government on the matter of Venezuela energy.  Rather I will show the latest, most glaring, energetic example of the existence of death penalty in Venezuela.  In spite of all the lovy-lovy human rights pseudo credo of the bolibanananian revolution.

Today some guy that was held for robbery in some police station of Carabobo was sent to the most infamous penal site of Tocuyito. Within 30 minutes of his arrival he was dead.  At the hands of the other prisoners.  By at least 100 bullet wounds.  El Carabobeño reports that the body could not be recognized.  I bet!

There was a reason apparently: one of the inmate "leaders" had a nephew that was jailed at that police station.  He was then robbed by what is now the human colander, so to speak.

Question: How the f..k where so many guns available to the inmates of Tocuyito?

Death penalty exists in Venezuela, it is just a matter where the "justice" sends you to jail.  12 years of glorious people's revolution and that shit happens......