How Chavez tries to stop opponents [Updated]

Since I have been forced to start covering the 2012 election I might as well start informing the Canadian public on how Chavez cheats by barring "dangerous" opponents from running.  As simple as that, "il suffisait d'y penser".  And least any one of you takes this article for an endorsement of Leopoldo, think twice: I will vote for any Venezuelan that I think can remove Chavez from Miraflores, period.  That Leopoldo today is the most promising case, notwithstanding the court case to be decided later this year, is not my fault but the fault of other political parties that seem a little bit lost in MUD lately, if you catch my drift....

By the way, you can get all the details of the case to be presented at the IACHR next march at a new site, expressly set for that: Democracy on Trial (in English and Spanish)

Update: apparently they liked the article at and posted a translation to Spanish.