The West's pathetic limping

When are the EU and the US going to understand they cannot longer bet on dictators to keep "balance" in the world? If they put pressure on Lukashenko, why on Earth are they not doing that on Mubarak? Because of the Muslim Brotherhood? Keep dreaming you are going to make things better by keeping up a dictator with Mubarak's track record. The longer dictators -of one or the other flavour and colour- are supported, the bigger the pressure the cooker will have.

If you want to fight Islamic extremism or any other extremism, you have to go full monty and be consistent. There is no simple solution and a change has a lot of dangers and it needs to be monitored not for a week or a month, but for years. And still, a real change must come and democracy now is needed.

And meanwhile Netanjahu and the Israeli right wingers are running telling everyone a sort of Hamas is going to get hold of Egypt.

Do you know what?

It smells fishy and it's not kosher

Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups are a real danger (we remember Iran). But no, we cannot just keep the side of dictators. We need to look for other solutions. Mubarak won't be helpful. He had 30 years to do that.