Useful idiots, Chávez, Iran, murder and torture

Chávez's useful idiots don't say anything about human right abuses in Iran

That Iranian government just hanged an Iranian-Dutch woman for "drug smuggling". The most likely reason is probably that she was protesting against the Mullah regime in last year's protests.

The Iranian regime has been hanging lots of people who protested against the Iranian dictatorship. And Chávez's useful idiots are not likely to have the cojones to criticize that. The reason is that Chávez's followers around the world

1) follow Chávez as a caudillo no matter what and do not follow their conscience and
2) blindly think "the friend of my friend is my friend and the enemy of my friend is my enemy"

If you want to read more information about human rights violations by one of Chávez's closest allies, take a look at Amnesty International's page on Iran.

Most people from the alternative forces in Venezuela do follow their own conscience, not what a foreign power or any regional or national "leader" tells them to do. So you will see most of us protesting against the death penality in the US or in China, against torture in Egypt or in Lybia. My previous post was definitely not the first one where I criticized the policies of the US or EU and I have seen also other posts in other oppo blogs with that attitude. We try to be as free as possible.

In this Chávez-financed newspaper, Eva Golinger, one of Chávez's propaganda workers, tells us about how the US helped to "organise the student networks against (sic) Venezuela, Cuba and Iran". She does not say anything about the tortures and hangings and oppression by Akhmadinejad's regime because basically, Chávez calls Akhmadinejad a friend and Chávez finances her newspaper.

I challenge you to show me sites of well-known Chávez's supporters openly criticizing Iran's handling of human rights.