The ex finance minister of Venezuela, now central bank chief, thinks that 7x7 is "around 36"

Another one for the bolibanana records.  The finance minister of Venezuela, Nelson Merentes, a once upon a time mathematician now turned president of Venezuela's central bank, does not know that 1 ton is 1000 kilos and thinks that 7 times seven is around 36.  As La Patilla points out, maybe the Chavez cadena frazzled him, but still...  can you imagine Merentes at question time in the commons?

The video edited by La Patilla replays at the end the 7X7=36. The moment when Merentes does not know the 7 tons=7000 kilos is not as obvious but around sec 22 you can hear someone whispering it to him...
They are going to steal that gold, just watch out!  Those people just want to grab it and split the loot.  They cannot even be bothered in having their facts straight!