The full chavista paranoia package

Courtesy of blogs who love to follow such things (bless 'em), we are pointed to this video shown prime time in the official state TV of Venezuela, VTV.  There is no point in translating it but just with gestures and attitudes you an get the point that this guy has mental problems associated with paranoia and a fear of being left alone as soon as micomandantepresidente'ta'curao croaks.

For those who do not understand Spanish, a summary next:

- Perez Pirela, the anchor, is qualified shamelessly in leftist web pages of Europe where he publishes or is interviewed, as a philosopher. The guy you see in the video is believed by some to be a philosopher. And that evolution stopped with him, I assume.

- He uses a press mistake by Ultimas Noticias, a newspaper whose director is pro Chavez, to point to a conspiracy theory: the paper printed the answers where the blank crossword was supposed to be.

- The said conspiracy theory is a cross word with clues as to an assassination plot against Chavez' brother.

- We know that because of the clues that he helpfully highlighted in green (why not red?).

- We know that because we are told that there is a group of intelligence people that work on such thing.  Who pays for people working on such dark magic is the thing I would really like to know, but I digress.

- We are expected to believe that in the age of Twitter, Facebook and other massive means of communication used even by chavismo (@chavezcandanga), someone is going to bother sending obscure messages through a crossword.  Da Vinci code, where are thou when we need thee?

- We are also told that there is a Jewish element in that conspiracy because, you know, there is a clue whose reply is Rabat, noted previously unknown Jewish holiday whose date surely will coincide with the death of Adan Chavez.  Silly me, unbeatable at blue cards of Trivia Pursuit, who believed all these years that Rabat was the capital of Morroco!  Wait until they learn over there that their capital city is a Jewish holiday!

And I pass on the rudeness of the guy in shutting off his collaborators in ways that even this yours truly arrogant blogger would never dream of doing....(Well he does, but I digress again).

So there you have it, the complete chavista paranoid package, from arrogance to antisemitism, from utter idiocy to absolute lack of sense of the plausible.