Some rats are making sure to be seen leaving the ship, even if it is a few years late

After Aponte^2 bel canto feat, another judge who escaped Venezuela long ago decided to sing.  At least this one at the end of the interview had the good sense to express his regrets which we have not seen in Aponte^2 interview.

What to make Luis Velazquez Alvaray later day saint confession?

First, he does not say anything really new, except for a few blanks left, around specific people's name.

That Jose Vicente Rangel was the mastermind of the assassination and cover up of Danilo Anderson?  After so many years, it was the only possible explanation left.  Eve this blog advanced that long ago.

That the FARC has an office next door Miraflores Palace?  We saw in and out Ivan Marquez.

That drug traffic permeates all of Venezuela army and judicial powers?  What else is news?

That no decision is made without Chavez knowledge and approval?  Watch his followers hanging from any tweet of @chavezcandanga.

Two questions/comments really:

Why must we go through similar shows over and over again?  Because the justice system is exactly how it is described in these interviews and of course they are taking a perverse form of Vth amendment.  No investigation is to be hoped for the foreseeable future, unless you can show me judges that self incarcerate.

Why now Luis?  Because there is a succession war in Venezuela and one side is using Aponte^2 and LVA to damage other factions chances.

And thus what we would really like to know: who is pulling these ex fugitive judges strings?  From what LVA says it would seem that the target is Maduro and JVR who may be promoting Maduro like he promoted Chavez a decade and a half ago.  But who is pulling? The Castros?  The narco generals?  Diosdado? The famiglia? XYZ?  All would benefit from such revelations but all could also be hurt badly.  I confess that the more I read about these things the less I perceive.