Chávez buys more Russian tanks but Venezuela has too few schools

Russian newspaper Kommersant (via Lenta) tells us Chávez wants to get another set of 100 T-72B1V tanks. The T-72 is a slightly improved version of this thing:

I reckon they are still for the "asymmetric war" the caudillo so often talks about. Or are they not? In any case, they will be paid with part of the $4 billion credit the Chávez regime got from the Russians last October just to buy weapons made in Russia. 

According to Kommersant, Venezuela's debt for the Russian arms deals amounts to some 7.2 billion dollars (2.2 billion from a credit in 2009, 4 billion from that credit of 2011 and a little more from some other times). Most of the Venezuela money for buying this stuff does not come from the defence budget but from FONDEN, the Fondo Para Desarrollo Endógeno, which is supposed to be money for sustainable development. European sycophants of Chávez still say Venezuela's defence expenditure is peanuts based on the defence budget and comparisons to - oh, what else? - the USA.

The loans are linked to Venezuela giving Russian companies preferential access to oil fields such as Carabobo 2. Rosneft' is the main beneficiary but Garprom Neft', Lukoil, Surgutneftegas and TNK-VR are also involved in Junin 6 thanks to the military caste of my country committed national resources for the Russian weapons industry. Igor' Sechin, one of Putin's closest pals and like Putin a KGB man, was the guy doing the final killing.

Meanwhile, the children attending the Francisco de Miranda school, very close to where I grew up, have classes under the skies...the school is just too small, there are three classrooms for 250 pupils.

I wonder what new wonders Chávez's sycophants abroad will write about at this stage. Will they still say that there is less illiteracy in Venezuela than in Germany as communist-turned-social-market-expert Sahra Wagenknecht says, "according to UNESCO"*? Yeah, she knows because she has been to Venezuela. And I am an expert on Swahili.

Hallo, Sahra...was sagst Du jetzt? Es ist "entweder Chávez oder Bush"? Entweder Chávez oder die Vaterlandsverräter, die Un-Venezolaner

*Please, check out what scholar Francisco Rodríguez said about the education scam in my country.