"I love you madly" and other things Sasha told Hugo

I stumbled upon an article from Belarussian Telegraph, not your newspaper unless you are really interested in Slavic-Venezuelan relations.

As you may or may not know, dictator Lukashenko was on a visit to the Land of Grace.On a speech there he said he was sure his buddy Hugo was going to win again. "I know that you will win over them". He didn't just say "win" but "them". Tibisay Lucena, you better listen to Lukashenko! 

The Master of Belarus also said that whoever knows him knows he is not going over the top praising people but if there weren't any Hugo Chávez, "there wouldn't be these projects and successes  and Belarus wouldn't be in Venezuela". Sure, buddy, for the same reason Chile has more trade with Argentina than with Kyrgyzstan: it doesn't make much sense to do otherwise and they are no successes for the Venezuelan nation but overpriced projects or simply scams.
It goes both ways

Belarus' dictator also said most Venezuelans supported the strong relationships between Belarus and Venezuela (yeah) and that even if there are some "mates" (tovarish is the word he used) who are opposed to that due to the "sharp political moment" Belarussians came to Venezuela as friends to help "our patriot-president". He reiterated that Chávez was his friend and (hence, I guess), friend of the Belarus nation and last but not least, Belarus' government will do anything, "anything he - Chávez, my friend Chávez" - tells them to do.

And I suppose that means also getting the Belarus KGB to further help Venezuelan military and intelligence officers in learning more tricks on "intelligence", including eavesdropping and sabotage at the Belarus Academy of War (Военная академия Республики Беларусь).